Khairpur Special Economic Zone

Location Khairpur District
Land Area 140 acres
Plot Sizes 0.25 – 4 acres
Infrastructure & Utilities
  • Electricity
  • Wastewater
  • Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Shared Facilities
  • Commercial Areas
An on-site, captive 20MW power house
A Combined Effluent Treatment Plant will convert
waste water to agricultural quality
A truck terminal for 100 trucks will be on site. A dry port
will be located nearby at Begmanjee Railway Station
A Technical Training Center will be built on-site
A common curing facility for dates will be established
A small allocation of land will be made for commercial
services such as retail, banks, and accommodations
Industrial Clusters
  1. Agro Food Processing
    1. Fruit / Vegetable Processing (Pulp, nectar, juices, pickles, chatni etc.)
    2. Fruit / Vegetable Packing & Export Houses
    3. Flour Mills
    4. Biscuits, breads and other bakery products
    5. Ice cream , Khoya and other sweet meat and dairy products
    6. Spices
    7. Bottled Water


  1. Agro Non Food Processing
    1. Seed Processing & Distribution
    2. Feed Mills
    3. Composite & Other Organic Fertilizers
    4. Medicinal Herb Processing
    5. Chip Board
    6. Cotton Ginning
    7. Furniture


  1. Light Engineering
    1. Date Dehydrators
    2. Farm Equipments & Implements
    3. Packaging
    4. Bicycle, Hand pumps, Electric water motor, electric fan etc.
    5. Building Material
Price of Land to be announced shortly
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